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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2158 Ah-Jiu, Help Me nervous obedient
A gu that made a individual immune to poison didn’t exist…
The precipitation received thicker, doing anyone can not differentiate her tears out of the rainwater.
Ye Wanwan’s concept s.h.i.+fted as she stared at Iceberg Mankind. “You… really haven’t supplied Nameless Nie a gu that produces an individual immune to all poison?!”
“I knew it! How could that sort of gu occur?! When it really performed, Component of Sh*t would’ve purchased it at the large selling price age ranges previously. Don’t the truth is how Section of Sh*t carries something to test for poison with him wherever he goes in the fear of an individual poisoning him?” Taoist Devotee nodded in belief.
Si Yehan sounded overwhelmed but significant.
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“There really isn’t an issue that mystical. Irrespective of how fearsome a gu pest is, it’d still expire after eating dangerous poison,” Brick-moving Foreigner replied.
“No.” Iceberg Mankind shook his brain.
Ye Wanwan’s term s.h.i.+fted as she stared at Iceberg Gentleman. “You… really haven’t presented Nameless Nie a gu which causes a person immune to all poison?!”
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She knelt down adjacent to him. “Didn’t you prefer me to kowtow for you personally? I’ll kowtow to you…”
Right now, Nameless Nie appeared very peaceful and serene—so quiet there weren’t any motions from his chest.
“D*mn, Old Guy, you freaking! You have a thing this good…? Why didn’t you take it out previously? You suggested some towards the Captain, so you’ve have to advise some to us too!” Taoist Devotee exclaimed emotionally as he golf shot up.

“Sibling, get up!!!”
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“Buddy, get out of bed!!!”
“That’s correct, that’s ideal! You and the Captain are way too disloyal! You have such a prize and didn’t share it with us…? You’ve grown quite ready, huh? You may even bring up a poison-immune gu insect pest now?!” Mist of Fresh flowers added in.
“Doesn’t your captain… have this gu? He explained Departed Person prescribed it to him,” Ye Wanwan reported.
Si Yehan sounded perplexed but significant.
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The color exhausted from Ye Wanwan’s face as she heard Iceberg Man’s phrases and recalled Nameless Nie’s unnatural practices now. She immediately dashed from the Nie residence.
Thunder roared in spurts in addition to a drizzle started out.
The rainfall bought weightier, making an individual not able to distinguish her tears out of the bad weather.
Ye Wanwan’s phrase s.h.i.+fted as she stared at Iceberg Man. “You… really haven’t provided Nameless Nie a gu which causes a person safe from all poison?!”
“Buddy, get out of bed!!!”
Thunder roared in spurts and also a drizzle started out.
Right this moment, Nameless Nie shown up very quiet and serene—so peaceful there weren’t any activities from his chest.
Right now, Nameless Nie came out very calm and serene—so peaceful there weren’t any movements from his chest area.
“Deceased Gentleman, tell us reality. Do you have these kinds of gu and also have you suggested it towards the Captain?” Taoist Devotee required Iceberg Mankind.
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The color emptied from Ye Wanwan’s facial area as she observed Iceberg Man’s thoughts and recalled Nameless Nie’s abnormal actions right now. She immediately dashed out of your Nie household.
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“Doesn’t your captain… have this gu? He stated Gone Male recommended it to him,” Ye Wanwan mentioned.

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