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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
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NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 400 crooked hilarious
“Do you walk to classes with Su Han currently? I found you people whenever i was running by the south door . ” Zhao Jiayi glimpsed at Xie Yujia up front and mentioned, “Are you presently not concerned about Xie Yujia finding angry at you since you now are extremely shut down with Su Han?”
“No, she was fantastic . ” Xie Yujia laughed .
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“Generally If I can perfect a mystic crystal personally, I will take up more mother nature sensation and burst through realms less difficult . Is always that correct?” Hao Ren required .
He got never regarded as mystic crystal because he just hit Gen-levels . Commonly, dragon cultivators would start off paying out particular focus on mystic crystals after they achieved Dui-degree . They might consider to secure a mystic crystal of their very own before smashing right through to Xun-stage so that you can a.s.sist them in hitting Kun-point and Qian-point .
“Oh . . . that’s a remedy,” Hao Ren searched up at Zhao Jiayi as well as the men behind . He straightened up and whispered, “I’ll rest along with them these days . “
“No, she was excellent . ” Xie Yujia laughed .
“It’s all right!” Hao Ren compressed behind the workdesk, but he noticed an extreme ache on his b.u.t.t the next he sat lower .
“I just now acquired this news my 3rd buddy are usually in the exams likewise,” Zhao Guang claimed calmly after a few mere seconds of silence .
“You want the cherish . . . for anything?” Hao Ren requested .
“It’s ok!” Hao Ren compressed behind the workplace, but he sensed an acute discomfort on his b.u.t.t the other he sat downwards .
Their voices caused numerous guys to be envious!
“So . . . ” Hao Ren experienced the rapid tension . The level of the mystic crystal affected the amount of his future realm . It may possibly also potentially assess if he could developed into a Perfect Dragon or perhaps not down the road .
He got never regarded as mystic crystal considering that he just attained Gen-levels . Typically, dragon cultivators would commence paying out special awareness to mystic crystals once they hit Dui-point . They might consider to have a mystic crystal that belongs to them before breaking right through to Xun-stage in order to a.s.sist them in getting to Kun-degree and Qian-stage .
Hao Ren didn’t contain the self-assurance to reach rank a single . In basic fact, he didn’t even anticipate himself to rank from the top three in the assessments . Provided that he could get ranking throughout the top and get an authorized inspector, he could get his hands on this prize .
Seven-Central Five-Tone Lotus Hao Ren was actually a touch perplexed . Without a doubt, Gongzi . That will put it even more accurately, its the seed with the 7-Central Five-Tone Lotus . My sister and I have been wanting to know around, so we finally found there is such a seed on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, Lu Lili mentioned . You will want the treasure . for some thing? Hao Ren inquired . His sweating from operating outside got already dried out, and Hao Ren drew backside his nature fact when he went back in education . Not for us, however for Gongzi, Lu Linlin disrupted, The Several-Colour Snow Lotus is regarded as the ten ideal elixir products, plus the Seven-Key Five-Colour Lotus has even purer fact as opposed to Six-Colour Snowfall Lotus . Nonetheless, the 7-Key Five-Coloration Lotus melts if it fulfills fire, so that it are unable to be employed to make elixir products . In contrast, the lotus seed of your Six-Center Five-Shade Lotus is actually the most healthy and balanced all natural compound across the world and the best for Gongzi to refine in a mystic crystal . Mystic crystal! Hao Ren was informed about this word . One thousand-season Seven-Coloration Snowfall Lotus might be converted into mystic crystal at the same time, though the 7-Key Five-Tone Lotus can be a more rare cherish whatever, Lu Linlin explained . Speaking of this, Hao Ren recollected the 2 1000-year or so 8-Colors Snowfall Lotuses eventually left within the cave in Heavens Mountain / hill . Only reduced-point cultivators under Zhen-level or maybe the Main Structure Kingdom could enter into the cave, so Hao Ren wouldnt get within any longer . However, Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi could possibly get inside . There seemed to be an abundance of spiritual herbal plants on the Supplement Master Valley, A . K . A the Ethereal Summit, on 5th Heaven, but there are no snow lotuses . These lotuses were probably the specialised with the Heavens Mountain Sect on Sixth Paradise, and in addition they strictly maintained the lotuses in their own palms . Hao Ren experienced personally observed the marvelous utilization of the snowfall lotuses when Zhao Kuo was unsuccessful the Heavenly Tribulation and is in intense real danger . Even Zhen Congming mentioned that the snowfall lotuses were actually holy elements for elixir doing . Once they could transplant a few of them to Fifth Heaven and expand them at a large scale . Basically If I can improve a mystic crystal for myself, I should be able to soak up a lot more characteristics feeling and break through realms less complicated . Is the fact that proper? Hao Ren questioned . Mystic crystal is sort of a subsequent dragon key to your dragon cultivator, and will also be inside the cultivator through out her or his lifestyle . Thus, dragon cultivators are extremely mindful in selecting mystic crystals . It should be the very best suit for their figure and has now copious character essence, Lu Linlin resolved . Gongzi cultivates all five elemental essences while doing so . Thus, your mystic crystal really needs to be a great all natural value of the five factors also . Otherwise, you must accumulate distinct supplies and link up them through outer makes . Its result will be lowered as it is not normal, Lu Lili jammed her head over and claimed . Hao Ren was really a minor satisfied by their enticing att.i.tude . He acquired never deemed mystic crystal considering that he just attained Gen-point . Normally, dragon cultivators would begin paying out unique awareness of mystic crystals every time they arrived at Dui-levels . They could try out to obtain a mystic crystal of their before splitting to Xun-level to be able to a.s.sist them in reaching Kun-amount and Qian-amount . Each of the Qian-degree and Kun-stage cultivators had their mystic crystals . Put simply, there is absolutely no way to go to Kun-amount and Qian-level with just the dragon main! The necessity of a mystic crystal with a significant-degree cultivator was essential . The lesser dragon clan didnt hold the resources or treasures to polish mystic crystals . Moreover, the types of materials that may be made use of as mystic crystals were actually limited and dispersed close to . These folks were either under the power over significant dragon clans or in extremely harmful areas . For that reason, there seemed to be merely one place to obtain it for qualified dragon cultivators from compact forces- the Dragon G.o.d Shrine! The Dragon G.o.d Shrine had ample assets and information . The ident.i.ty as an inspector could permit them to enter in some limited regions . There was hope in either obtaining the mystic crystal through the Dragon G.o.d Shrine by fantastic efficiency or finding it theirselves! So, the 7-Primary Five-Shade Lotus is usually a value but cant supply in elixir doing . It is actually pointless for some cultivators, right? Hao Ren believed for the bit and asked . Hao Ren didnt possess the self-assurance to go to rank a single . As a matter of simple fact, he didnt even anticipate himself to rank from the leading three on the exams . Provided that he could get ranked from the top and grow into an recognized inspector, he may potentially get his mitts on this value . The 8-Core Five-Coloration Lotus cant be employed in elixir making, but it can be used for making dharma treasures . So, some inspectors would use it to make dharma treasures, Lu Linlin said . Many of the thousands of-twelve months faith based plants could possibly be used in elixir making in addition to dharma treasure doing . One example is, thousands of-year or so rosewood could possibly be made into elixir pills and hardwood-elemental dharma treasures . The seed in the Several-Center Five-Tone Lotus was quite difficult, and it also coupled all five factors . It would be great if a person made it to a beam-shaped dharma cherish that can aid in maximizing farming quickness and provide extra safety . So . Hao Ren sensed the immediate pressure . The standard of the mystic crystal damaged the quantity of his near future realm . It could actually also potentially determine if he could turn into a Perfect Dragon or maybe not sooner or later . All dragon cultivators experimented with their utmost to find the top mystic crystal on their behalf . Even Su Han, who specific herself to farming, expended a long time looking for perfect mystic crystal for herself . Since the Several-Central Five-Colors Lotus was the best mystic crystal for a person like him, Hao Ren absolutely sure wouldnt take into account the Six-Colour Snow Lotus nowadays . Do not you fret, Gongzi . I have got explained with Lili, therefore we thought to sneak into the Dragon G.o.d Shrine to accept the 7-Core Five-Tone Lotus on your behalf should you dont get rate an individual! Lu Linlin touch her lip and said . No thats too high risk! Hao Ren without delay refused this idea . The Dragon G.o.d Shrine was the highest supervision inst.i.tution which ruled the Dragon Tribe . It was actually even the united force of the dragon cultivators with the man cultivators who are on and above 5th Heaven . Just a top notch-level Qian-point grasp wouldnt be capable of geting in and out of there openly! Not to mention that Lu Linlin and Lu Lili had been only about the reduced-level Qian-amount presently . The twins were definitely surprised at Hao Rens strong result . Then, they smiled each and every other gladly . Their Gongzi rarely contacted them, but his denial proved exactly how much he cared about them! The two of you are more essential compared to the Six-Key Five-Colors Lotus, Hao Ren explained slowly and gradually . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili viewed the other person again and observed the heat in their hearts . One of them got a ponytail, and also the other got pigtails . Their hair have been so long that they reached their waists . They hugged Hao Ren from each side and reported, You happen to be crucial to us very, Gongzi! Hao Ren looked at them and laughed helplessly . The picture of Lu Linlin and Lu Lili going into the school gate because of their hands on Hao Rens arms almost wiped out most of the men pupils around! Hao Ren got just arrived at classes side-by-side with Su Han, and now he was doing another access with the twins! He possessed earned the wrath of G.o.d as well as resentment of men! Not to mention that his actual girlfriend, Xie Yujia, had also been a gorgeous girl! Ok, Im intending to cla.s.s . Hao Ren saw that it was subsequently almost time for cla.s.s . He lighted waved off Lu Linlin and Lu Lilis forearms . Acceptable, Gongzi! the twins endured direct and reported pleasantly for their hair influenced behind them . Their voices caused many men to become jealous! Though they couldnt get near ice-ice cold Su Han, they wished to get nearby the wonderful two sisters who had been so lively and attractive! Having said that, the sisters didnt appear to be enthusiastic about some other folks! Hao Ren jogged into an school creating, acknowledging that he got now become the general population enemy of all the people in the total institution . Morning hours cla.s.s was about to get started on . Xie Yujia slighted waved at Hao Ren from your entrance row . Hao Ren waved rear . He thought for the little bit before he went up to her . He curved over and questioned her gently, Did Zhao Yanzi result in any trouble? No, she was excellent . Xie Yujia laughed . Oh . thats a pain relief, Hao Ren checked up at Zhao Jiayi as well as folks behind . He straightened up and whispered, Ill be placed with him or her nowadays . Um! Sit during the backside . Xie Yujia nodded understandingly . Hao Ren happened to run for the lower back, and Zhao Jiayi softly knocked Hao Rens arm . What is drastically wrong? Hao Ren requested . Did you jog to school with Su Han now? I saw you men after i was sprinting with the south gate . Zhao Jiayi glimpsed at Xie Yujia in the beginning and explained, Will you be not thinking about Xie Yujia having mad at you now that you are really special with Su Han? Its acceptable! Hao Ren squeezed behind the work desk, but he believed an extreme pain on his b.u.t.t the other he sat straight down . Hiss, he breathed in deeply through his tooth enamel and stood up immediately, protecting up his b.you.m . Hemorrhoids? Zhou Liren shouted toward Hao Ren . Go missing! Hao Ren rolled his sight at Zhao Liren . Then, he took Zhou Lirens clear handbag from his table and placed it on his recliner . Then, he gradually sat himself decrease . Su Han showed him tough enjoy and didnt free him any mercy . One of the 12 kilometers Hao Ren coated from her location to education, Su Han acquired defeated him for nearly eight kilometers . His b.u.t.t was the leading target . It turned out all right for him to walk but seated created him a lot of ache . Also, once he tranquil, the Five Mountains Bracelets would get started functioning . It blocked Hao Rens meridians tightly and paralyzed his human body . Xie Yujia transformed her mind toward Hao Ren right before cla.s.s started out and gave him a fairly sweet laugh . She enjoyed a lighting blue hairpin along the side of her hair, plus it built her appeared very relaxing and refres.h.i.+ng . It resolved? Zhao Jiayi looked over Hao Ren in affection . He couldnt help but reveal Hao Ren his significant thumb . He thought that Xie Yujia should have learned about Hao Ren running to education with Su Han . Even so, she didnt look like upset at all . Which has been why Zhao Jiayi respected Hao Ren . Beep, beep . Hao Rens cell phone rang, and then he promptly chosen it . Ren, you are likely to sign up for the Dragon G.o.d Shrines standard assessments? It had been Zhao Guangs relax voice . Certainly, Grandfather . Hao Ren didnt be expecting Zhao Guang to simply call, but he decreased his tone of voice and answered . Um . Zhao Guang was private for just a few just a few seconds . This is actually the novice for Eastern side Ocean Dragon Clan to go to the Dragon G.o.d Shrines normal assessments . Will there be nearly anything I would know, Granddad? Hao Ren hesitated before he asked . I just received this news my next buddy are usually in the examinations on top of that, Zhao Guang reported calmly after a few just a few seconds of silence .
“Not for many people, except for Gongzi,” Lu Linlin cut off, “The 7-Color Snowfall Lotus is just about the ten ideal elixir resources, as well as Seven-Key Five-Shade Lotus has even purer essence when compared to the Several-Colour Snow Lotus . Nevertheless, the Six-Key Five-Coloration Lotus melts whenever it meets fireplace, so that it can not be utilized to make elixir capsules . In contrast, the lotus seed on the Several-Center Five-Colors Lotus is really the most nicely balanced purely natural substance on earth and the best option for Gongzi to perfect in a mystic crystal .
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Their voices brought on a great number of fellas to generally be jealous!
“Thousands of-year or so 7-Tone Snowfall Lotus could be converted into mystic crystal likewise, nevertheless the Six-Key Five-Shade Lotus is usually a more rare treasure regardless of,” Lu Linlin explained .
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Their Gongzi rarely contacted them, but his rejection demonstrated exactly how much he cared about the subject!
Ever since the Several-Central Five-Shade Lotus was the most effective mystic crystal for somebody like him, Hao Ren absolutely sure wouldn’t look at the Several-Shade Snow Lotus nowadays .
“You two will be more vital than the Six-Core Five-Colour Lotus,” Hao Ren stated carefully .
Hao Ren was acquainted with this message .
The Dragon G.o.d Shrine possessed plentiful information and data . The ident.i.ty as a possible inspector could allow them to enter some restrained regions . There was hope in either obtaining the mystic crystal in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine by remarkable overall performance or finding it them selves!
“Ok, I’m going to cla.s.s . ” Hao Ren realized that it was subsequently almost time for cla.s.s . He lighted waved off Lu Linlin and Lu Lili’s biceps and triceps .
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The significance of a mystic crystal to your significant-levels cultivator was critical .
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The Dragon G.o.d Shrine had ample sources and knowledge . The ident.i.ty being an inspector could permit them to get into some limited parts . There were pray either in obtaining the mystic crystal out of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine by remarkable overall performance or discovering it by themselves!
“So, the Several-Center Five-Color Lotus is usually a treasure but can’t be employed in elixir doing . It really is worthless for the majority of cultivators, appropriate?” Hao Ren believed for a touch and inquired .
“Um . . . ” Zhao Guang was silent for several a few moments . “This is the first-time for your East Water Dragon Clan to go the Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s basic examinations . “
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“The Several-Central Five-Colors Lotus can’t be applied in elixir generating, but you can use it for making dharma treasures . So, some inspectors might use it to make dharma treasures,” Lu Linlin claimed .
Small dragon clan didn’t have the elements or treasures to polish mystic crystals . Additionally, the materials that might be used as mystic crystals were in short supply and spread about . These folks were either under the command over significant dragon clans or perhaps in extremely dangerous locations .
Not to mention that his true girlfriend, Xie Yujia, has also been a lovely lady!
“Um . . . ” Zhao Guang was noiseless for a couple seconds . “This is basically the first-time for our Eastern Seas Dragon Clan to visit the Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s typical assessments . “

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